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What is IMC?

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Impact Mailing Club (IMC) is a Very Easy Program to Learn!

How Does It Work?
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You Decide to Become a Member of the Impact Mailing Club.

IMC will provide you the mailing leads, training and

resources to start mailing flyers!

You mail flyers along with your personalized order forms from home!

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Whenever ANY of your mailing leads becomes a member...

YOU will receive a CA$H commission and stamps directly from the referral!

We provide everything you need to get started and going strong!

When You Become a Member of the Impact Mailing Club...

You'll Receive Benefits Such As:

• Welcome Package and Guide

• Exclusive Mailing Community on Facebook

• Exclusive Invites to Exciting Company Events Around the U.S.

• Fast and RELIABLE Delivery Times 

• Five Star Member Support Team

• Unlimited Opportunity for Growth and Income

• Our Support Team Will Assist You in Closing Sales

• Peel and Stick Label Leads


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Available in the United States, all U.S. Territories and Canada!

Our program is also available in Spanish!
¡Nuestro programa está disponible en español!